Waiter (& Cater) On The Way's Drop-Off Office Catering Service

Are you a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep or an Office Manager?

Waiter On The Way works to make your life easier! We offer the finest quality, selection, and value from endless restaurants in the Frederick and Montgomery County areas. With options for Mexican, Italian, Chinese, BBQ, and more, we’ve got something in our selection to keep everyone in your office or meeting satisfied.

Placing your catering order has never been easier! Give us a call at (301) 869-0300 to learn more about our office catering.  We can go just about anywhere you're located.

Catering for Pharmaceutical Reps

Waiter On The Way specializes in catering for pharmaceutical reps, granting clients from Bethesda to Gaithersburg and beyond access to the finest quality restaurants in the area at an affordable rate. Our program has endless advantages that include:

  1. Same day (or planned) orders: About 50 percent of our pharmaceutical and sales rep food orders are same day, and the other 50 percent give us 24-48 hours’ notice. We can coordinate delivery for 5 - 50 in about an hour!
  2. Variety: Select from over 75 restaurants available for delivery in Frederick or Montgomery County. We have numerous catering options or you can just order from the restaurants' regular menus.
  3. Food and catering experts: We have customer service reps dedicated to providing you and your clients order the right type and quantity of food. You can tell us exactly what you need or simply the number of people and your budget. A self employed delivery professional handle everything from there.
  4. Working within your budget: Simply tell us your budget, either per person or in total, and we will find a menu that works for you and your clients. Unlike other restaurant marketing services, Waiter on the Way has NO RAISED RESTAURANT PRICES!
  5. Many order options: Many reps call us directly at 301-869-0300 and others place their orders here on our website. Some reps allow their doctors' offices to call us directly or place their orders here on our website.
  6. Large service areas: We cover all of Montgomery County, Frederick County, P.G. County, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia. We often go to Columbia, Annapolis, Hagerstown & Westminster. If you have a question about a particular client's location, please give us a call and we'll do everything we can to help.
  7. Loyalty rewards: We have a special Loyalty Reward Program for our reps. Please call 301-869-0300 and ask to speak with Bob for details.
  8. Daily documentation: We email you a detailed receipt after each order is completed.
  9. Breakfasts: Many reps are finding breakfast appointments to be very productive with lower costs. We offer a variety of group breakfast choices.

Food for 5-50 in about an hour!

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Waiter On The Way has all your needs covered for a catered event to satisfy employees and clients alike. If you would like to speak with one of our specialists specifically trained in catering for pharmaceutical reps, call us at (301) 869-0300. We’ll be happy to help you make your next catered event a success!

Out of our normal service area? NO PROBLEM!  We can coordinate catering for you--anywhere!
Call (301) 869-0300 for details.