Our Drop-Off Office Catering Service

Features & Benefits of Our Office Catering Service for Sales Reps & Office Managers

Consistent On-Time Deliveries 
Unless the cooks don't show up or there's a bad accident, we will be there as promised.

Same Day (or Planned) Orders
About 50% of our sales reps & office managers place their orders the morning of their meeting. 

Large Variety of Restaurants & Menu Items
Your clients or team won't get tired of the same restaurants or items.  Many customers, however, fall in love with a couple restaurants who provide a good variety of tasty catering items.  TGI Friday's actually created more catering choices just for us since our reps & office managers loved them but wanted more choices.  Ordering individual items from the restaurant's regular menus is also very popular.  We also have group breakfast menus that offer you another popular option.

Quick & Easy Ordering Options
Many reps & office managers call us direcly at 301-869-0300 while others place their orders here on our website or on our app.  Some reps allow their offices to call us & place their order.  We have a Group Ordering function that allows you to send out an email to your group & they add their order to the ticket.  Accounting firms love this feature during busy season.

Experienced, Professional Service
Our customer service reps & managers are dedicated to providing you with what you need, where you need it & at the time you need it.  You can focus on your meeting or event and relax with the assurance that your order will be completed as specified.

Working within your Budget
Simply tell us your budget, either per person or in total, and we will find a menu that works for you.  

Large Service Area
We cover Montgomery County, Frederick County, P.G. County, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia.  We often go to Columbia, Hagerstown, Annapolis & Westminster.  To say it another way--we'll go anywhere for our reps & office managers.  (Well, maybe not St. Louis.)

Generous Loyalty & Referral Rewards
We know who butters our bread.  We personally contact all sales reps & office managers.  We'll take care of you.

Simple & Secure Payments with daily documentation
An detailed receipt is emailed to you immediately.